Start a LLEAD Chapter

LLEAD chapters are established with the assistance of the State LLEAD Board of Directors. They follow bylaws established and approved by the LLEAD State Board.  They can be reviewed here. Please contact Alberto Flores with your interest to organize community members into a chapter. 

To begin your LLEAD chapter

State LLEAD encourages local communities to explore the opportunity to engage in Latinx advocacy.  LLEAD provides training and support for effective leadership and advocacy for adults, college and high school students. LLEAD’s Article V of the organizational Bylaws states: 

  • Membership in the LLEAD organization is identified to include Chapters from local communities that will adhere to the “Bylaws for Chapter.”
  • Chapter membership is identified to include a full range of participants (Latino or Non-Latino) expressing interest in the enhancement of the quality of life of the Latinx in Michigan.
  • Youth Chapters will also be a part of the membership and shall also adhere to the bylaws for local Youth Chapters.
  • The voting system shall consist of each local Chapter or Youth Chapter having one vote for no less than a minimum of 11 members in good standing which will constitute a LLEAD Chapter.